Maschoff Brennan helps clients, both large and small, to efficiently develop and manage the appropriate intellectual property protection they need domestically and worldwide. We analyze portfolios to understand the opportunities, increase the value by additional filings and acquisitions, identify business opportunities, create a plan for generating revenue, and then execute the plan by selling or licensing assets. We have distilled best practices from years of experience assisting clients with business decisions regarding their intellectual property to advise innovative startups, multinational corporations, and other IP-driven organizations that turn to Maschoff Brennan for guidance when considering their options.

We appreciate that intellectual property filings need to be tailored to the business needs of each client. For example, we regularly craft global intellectual property protection strategies employing utility patents, design patents, and copyright registrations to secure broad product protection. We also develop corporate intellectual property policies for the protection of inventions and trade secrets. Aside from product and know-how protection, we assist companies in managing and leveraging their brand through the selection, protection, and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, and domain names. At Maschoff Brennan, we proactively guide clients through the process of carefully constructing and managing IP portfolios that are clearly aligned with business needs and priorities, and market forces.

Clients turn to us for:

  • Conducting IP audits

  • Assessing competitive strengths and risks of portfolios

  • Extracting revenue from underutilized patent portfolios

  • Coordinating and implementing enforcement activities

  • Portfolio mining to identify and pursue commercialization and licensing opportunities

  • Developing internal IP management policies to maximize innovation and competitive strength

  • Educating management and employees on strategic IP issues