Because of the pervasive nature and extent of cybersquatting and infringement activity on the Internet, we advise clients on developing domain name registration strategies to help avoid or minimize more costly enforcement work down the road. We also help clients manage and set priorities for enforcement efforts by developing specific guidelines and strategies.

Maschoff Brennan attorneys advise on all types of domains, including gTLDs and country code top-level domains, and we assist in the recovery of domains already purchased and/or in use by third parties. We regularly run audits on domains that are available and recommended for purchase, and we work directly with our clients to develop enforcement strategies and resolve domain disputes.

Our attorneys have filed complaints under ICANN’s Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and Uniform Raid Suspension System (URS), addressing a wide variety of factual scenarios and issues. In addition to formal UDRP proceedings, we are deeply experienced in domain name disputes and can often quickly settle such issues through cease and desist letters and domain name assignment agreements.