Section 337 proceedings at the International Trade Commission (ITC) have unique requirements that demand a specific attorney skill set. At Maschoff Brennan, our lawyers possess the frontline ITC experience, along with the necessary technical depth and high-stakes IP litigation capability, to successfully navigate the challenges of an ITC investigation.

We represent both complainants and respondents through all stages of the ITC process. We have obtained orders of exclusion on behalf of ITC complainant clients and also obtained determinations of non-infringement and invalidity on behalf of ITC respondent clients.

We help our clients take maximum advantage of the ITC's fast-paced proceedings by developing an early, comprehensive case plan and maintaining the discipline to execute that plan without the typical litigation distinctions. ITC actions involve the participation of the Office of Unfair Import Investigations (OUII), and we have good relationships with several OUII staff attorneys. We are also familiar with the procedures and ground rules of the ITC’s administrative law judges who preside over ITC investigations.

Maschoff Brennan ITC lawyers have experience in a variety of technologies, including:

  • Smartphone design

  • Remanufactured toner cartridges

  • Programmable logic devices

  • Set-top boxes

  • Interactive voice response systems

  • Smart thermostats and HVAC systems

  • Security monitoring and home automation systems

  • Video doorbells and home security cameras

  • Fitness devices

  • Streaming technologies

  • Photovoltaic components for solar energy installations