Once a trade secret is exposed, a company’s competitive advantage may be quickly compromised, and swift action may be necessary to minimize harm. When it comes to trade secret litigation, Maschoff Brennan’s experienced litigators work quickly to halt further disclosure of the trade secret by obtaining injunctions or restraining orders as necessary.

Our track record of success representing plaintiffs and defendants in complex, high-exposure trade secret cases includes claims related to licensing, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, employee defections, and industrial espionage. We have litigated claims in state and federal courts across the country, the International Trade Commission, and in domestic and international arbitration forums.

Proactive protection of trade secrets is the best defense against misappropriation. It also makes litigation more efficient and less expensive. Maschoff Brennan recognizes how important it is for our clients to take appropriate and adequate steps to protect valuable trade secrets before litigation becomes necessary.

Clients turn to us for assistance in:

  • Surveying and identifying trade secret holdings and designing programs to maintain requisite secrecy, including necessary physical security measures

  • Counseling clients on industry-specific strategies for avoiding trade secret issues

  • Working with inventors, start-ups, and other innovators to minimize risks related to trade secrets claims

  • Developing and negotiating confidentiality agreements with employees, partners, suppliers, and customers for identifying and protecting clients’ confidential information