In our rapidly evolving, increasingly digital, and global world, protecting original works of authorship is a priority for our clients. Maschoff Brennan understands our clients need copyright support and counseling that is as diverse as their business endeavors.

We assist clients with copyright audits, registrations, due diligence investigations, ownership and history reports, questions of fair use and permissions, and international copyright opinions.

In addition, we counsel on the copyrightability of works, ownership of copyright, secondary liability, safe harbors, anti-circumvention, damages, and injunctions. We also advise on questions of use, misuse, and fair use, while ensuring that those who own copyrighted content protect their assets and that those acquiring copyrighted content obtain the rights they need.

We advise clients in the rapidly evolving and changing fields of online copyrights and social networking, providing counseling regarding copyright enforcement, piracy issues, and social media issues, as well as matters under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), including filing and responding to take-down notices, establishing online enforcement strategies and policies, and compliance with the DMCA’s safe harbor provisions.

Maschoff Brennan ensures our clients are in the best position to develop, maintain, and protect their copyrightable works. We offer comprehensive solutions and practical advice to help our clients stay competitive and successful in today’s marketplace.

Our comprehensive copyright services include:

  • Strategic counseling, registration, and opinions

  • Copyright portfolio management

  • Transactions and agreements

  • Licensing agreements

  • Protection and enforcement

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Compliance