Copyrights are valuable assets that should be protected. Maschoff Brennan understands how important copyrights can be to a business’s continued financial success so our attorneys work tirelessly to both pursue and defend infringement litigation while advising clients on how best to protect their copyrights.

At Maschoff Brennan, we help enforce your copyrights through proactive representation, which can include but is not limited to:

  • Advising regarding potential infringement of your rights

  • Sending cease and desist letters to potential infringers

  • Filing timely claims or lawsuits, takedown requests, and/or DMCA actions when necessary

  • Negotiating an authorized license or assignment

At Maschoff Brennan, we can identify copyright issues early and take swift action to protect your rights. When litigation is necessary, we vigorously represent our clients in court by enforcing copyrights and defending against infringement claims. With many copyright matters requiring immediate attention – temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunction requests – our copyright litigators are experienced in obtaining the relief, our clients need while defending against such requests from others. From cease and desist letters to preliminary injunctions to courtroom trials for money damages, our team is well-versed in copyright disputes involving literal and non-literal copying, fair use, secondary liability, anti-circumvention, and other common copyright legal issues. Our attorneys also are well-positioned to handle protracted litigation matters, including all phases of appeal.

Our clients span a broad range of industries: from technology, software, and electronics to fashion and luxury goods, as well as food and beverage, communications, consumer products, financial services, and life sciences. We are proud that they entrust us with protecting their valuable intellectual property, including copyrights.