Today’s rapid technology growth makes strong patent protection more important than ever. Whether you are a sole inventor with an idea sketched out on a napkin, or a sophisticated international corporation, you can rely on our attorneys to take you through the process effectively and efficiently. We are collaborators, and our clients choose to stay with Maschoff Brennan for years. This is because we consistently deliver pragmatic advice, good return on investment, and distinctively excellent work.

Our seasoned patent prosecution team has technical expertise in many fields—including chemistry, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, biology, and mechanical engineering. We’ve used that expertise to obtain thousands of patents for clients throughout the world in fields ranging from pharmaceutics, biotechnology, and life sciences, material sciences, chemical deposition in integrated circuit manufacturing, semiconductors, networking, automotive, artificial intelligence, block-chain technologies, enterprise software, electronic devices, autonomous technologies, wireless communications, optics, electronic data storage, medical devices, nutritional supplements, exercise equipment, complex chemical and polymer science, and more.

We are the law firm you can depend on for superior-quality patent prosecution. Our patent prosecution counsel is extensive and includes:

  • Analyzing invention disclosures from inception

  • Preparing and filing patent applications

  • Developing an immediate and durable global patent strategy

  • Coordinating worldwide patent prosecution

  • Conducting administrative appeals, petitions, and protests

  • Advocating our client’s position in post-grant reviews, reexaminations, and reissues

  • Delivering continuous and global portfolio management and infringement protection

Simply, we write our patents so that they can be licensed and enforced. High-quality patent preparation and prosecution, portfolio management, and opinion of counsel abilities typically allow our clients to stay out of court. However, when court intervention is necessary, our clients can have confidence in the patents we obtain on their behalf. Our total quality approach to patent prosecution means that we do the patent right the first time around. As a result, we are not daunted at the prospect of enforcing our work.

International Protection

Innovation doesn’t recognize borders. At Maschoff Brennan, we have a long history of helping our international clients successfully navigate the constant change in U.S. intellectual property law on legislative, administrative, and judicial fronts. Our lawyers have worked with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for decades, resulting in a team dedicated to translating U.S. laws into simple terms for expedited filings and prosecution, clearance, and protection. Foreign law firms and companies choose Maschoff Brennan to support Paris Convention patent and design applications, PCT national stage patent applications, Madrid Protocol and other trademark applications, and Hague Agreement design applications.  

We also assist our U.S. clients in successfully obtaining intellectual property rights in foreign jurisdictions. Our lawyers have worked with foreign patent counsel in nations worldwide for decades, resulting in a team that understands the pitfalls of foreign patent prosecution and how to best manage the associated expenses. During foreign patent prosecution, we strive to collaborate with foreign associates to produce a quality work product that adheres to a budget. Not only do we collaborate with foreign associates, but we integrate the workflow with third-party translators and vendors to help reduce costs and maintain the highest quality patent applications.