With continued advances in technology and favorable changes in public policy, opportunities for success in the world of clean technology and renewable energy have never been greater. Maschoff Brennan brings sound advice and creative solutions that help a growing and diversified group of clients capitalize on new opportunities and prepare for the future.

As companies develop and improve technologies and substances that fuel innovations and enable numerous advancements, the need for sophisticated and creative intellectual property strategies is clear. Maschoff Brennan attorneys blend science and engineering expertise with decades of intellectual property legal experience to work with companies delivering high-value energy solutions.

Clean and renewable energy technologies overlap with practically all areas of science — and our diverse skills and scientific backgrounds enable us to excel as a result. Our attorneys have degrees in relevant scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry, as well as attorneys with extensive experience in brand management and protection.

Clients in the clean technology and renewable energy industry turn to us for:

  • Obtaining patents for new technologies

  • Converting invention disclosures into protectable IP assets

  • Writing opinions and providing ongoing counseling for new and evolving products

  • Asserting IP rights to protect innovations from infringement

  • Defending against accusations of infringement

  • Strategically building and managing patent portfolios

  • Handling regulatory and government-related matters

  • Drafting licenses, transactions, and agreements

  • Counseling on IP management and monetization strategies

  • Providing trademark and copyright services, and advertising protection

  • Advocating our client’s position in post-grant reviews, reexaminations, and reissues