Companies around the world that are developing and using artificial intelligence are facing unique intellectual property issues. The explosive growth of AI and AI-related applications has moved faster than the laws, rules, and regulations regarding AI. As a result, it takes a knowledgeable legal team that stays up-to-date and that is forward-thinking to stay on pace with the break-neck speed of AI innovation.

At Maschoff Brennan, our attorneys have experience in drafting AI-based patent applications and getting AI-based patents. Maschoff Brennan has been at the forefront of AI patent protection and is committed to continued excellence in the arena. We know it is important to know how to protect our client’s assets when they push the boundaries of intellectual property law under AI.

Clients in the artificial intelligence industry turn to us for:

  • Obtaining patents for new technologies

  • Converting artificial intelligence invention disclosures into protectable IP assets

  • Writing opinions and providing ongoing counseling for new and evolving products

  • Asserting IP rights to protect innovations from infringement

  • Defending against accusations of infringement

  • Strategically building and managing patent portfolios

  • Handling regulatory and government-related matters

  • Drafting licenses, transactions, and agreements

  • Counseling on IP management and monetization strategies

  • Providing trademark and copyright services, and advertising protection

  • Advocating our client's position in post grant reviews, reexaminations, and reissues

Our goal is to help our clients with AI products thrive and grow with as much protection as possible, considering the diverse and quickly evolving AI legal landscape. As attorneys, we have great interest in AI legal issues and even greater interest in finding ways for our clients with AI products to thrive. We believe in our clients and endeavor to make sure that our clients protect their innovations so that they can find success.