The aviation industry is highly regulated and involves innovative technologies. Maschoff Brennan’s team of experienced attorneys understands the advanced technology needs and worldwide business focus necessary for success in the aviation industry.

We provide comprehensive product safety and intellectual property counseling, as well as defend and prosecute aviation-related litigation matters. Our team has represented manufacturers of commercial and military aircraft, aircraft engines, aircraft braking systems, and other aircraft components.

Product Liability, Mass Tort, Supply Chain, and Commercial Litigation

Maschoff Brennan has extensive experience defending aviation industry clients against product liability litigation stemming from major commercial jet air crash disasters and single-engine aircraft accidents and incidents. We also have experience defending against garden-variety product liability claims involving aircraft and aircraft components and aviation-related asbestos mass tort litigation. In addition, we have prosecuted and defended litigation involving aviation-related contract and supply chain disputes. Our team works closely with clients to develop effective defense strategies tailored to each situation. We conduct meticulous investigations, often before litigation is filed, gathering evidence, analyzing technical data, and consulting industry experts when necessary. We also counsel clients during NTSB investigations. This allows us to build convincing arguments and present a compelling case for our clients.

We also provide product safety counseling, including advice regarding product modifications and recalls, safety bulletins and safety alerts. We assist in identifying potential liability issues, developing compliance programs, and implementing safety protocols to minimize the risk of future claims. By taking a proactive approach, we help our clients protect their reputations, mitigate legal exposure, and maintain compliance with industry standards.

 Intellectual Property Matters

We advise on patent, trademark, and copyright prosecution in the United States and worldwide. We are involved in patent portfolio strategy, as well as in conducting patentability, infringement and validity searches and opinions. We advocate for client rights in patent appeals and interferences and patent reexaminations and reissues, as well as in all aspects of enforcement litigation, including post grant proceedings. We also negotiate and close the full array of IP transactions such as licensing contracts, supplier agreements, strategic alliances, and distribution and agency relationships.

Clients in the aviation industry turn to us for:

  • Obtaining patents for new technologies

  • Converting invention disclosures into protectable IP assets

  • Writing opinions and providing ongoing counseling for new and evolving products

  • Asserting IP rights to protect innovations from infringement

  • Defending against accusations of infringement

  • Strategically building and managing patent portfolios

  • Handling regulatory and government-related matters

  • Drafting licenses, transactions, and agreements

  • Counseling on IP management and monetization strategies

  • Providing trademark and copyright services, and advertising protection

  • Advocating our client's position in post grant reviews, reexaminations, and reissues