Maschoff Brennan

Data Security

News about data security breaches is ever-present, and no industry appears to be immune. Whether high tech, low tech, or anywhere in between, almost every business collects and uses customer or employee information that needs to be kept confidential and protected from loss. Businesses that fail to take appropriate precautions for the protection of sensitive information can face regulatory problems, lawsuits, and reputational harm. And the threat is not always external, sometimes a business’s own employees inadvertently or deliberately put information at risk.

Maschoff Brennan provides legal risk management and advice to help you assess, use, and protect your data:

  • Data security assessments and risk management
  • Employee security training and monitoring
  • Development of privacy policies and information governance practices
  • Contract drafting and review of vendor contracts and third-party data security practices
  • Legal compliance with financial, health, educational, and marketing regulations, including FCRA, HIPAA and HITECH, COPPA, CAN-SPAM, and TCPA

While data security risks can be reduced, security breaches are not 100% preventable. If your data security has been compromised, we can help you respond:

  • Oversight of breach investigations and breach risk management
  • Compliance with customer or client notification laws