Stefan Lehnardt


Stefan’s practice focuses on patent prosecution and intellectual property litigation support in a variety of technologies. Stefan has worked on Office Action responses, provisional applications, intellectual property due diligence, and prior art searches in technical fields such as computer architecture, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, and mechanical devices during his three internships at Maschoff Brennan.

While earning his undergraduate degree in applied physics and Russian at the Brigham Young University, Stefan served as the president of BYU’s chapter of the Society of Physics Students. His undergraduate research in materials science focused on the mechanical properties of multi-layer graphene. He worked in a nanofabrication lab to develop a process for manufacturing x-ray windows out of graphene for use in electron microscopes. During this research, he developed many skills in wet chemistry, atomic force and electronic microscopy, nanofabrication, and experiment design.

Stefan graduated from Harvard Law School, where he served as the VP of strategy of the Harvard Law School Blockchain and Fintech Initiative. In law school, he focused on intellectual property through courses such as patent law, copyright law, trademark law, and advertising law. He worked as a teaching fellow in Professor Fisher’s CopyrightX course, an internationally offered course in US copyright law. As a teaching fellow, he presented case studies and guided discussions covering an extensive overview of copyright law.

Outside of the office, Stefan enjoys reading books, hiking, and waterskiing.