Maschoff Brennan

Patent Opinions

Opinions and due diligence are a critical aspect of evaluating mergers and acquisitions, particularly analyzing and evaluating terms of intellectual property portfolio assets and securities. As a means of discovering the status of a company, we tailor our in-depth examinations to suit the needs of a particular client, including providing an understanding of current and future products and services, evaluating a collection of IP inventory, trade secrets, branding, confidential information and any agreements affecting IP.

Maschoff Brennan has provided extensive IP counseling, portfolio development and management for independent entrepreneurs and inventors, as well as major research universities, large international corporations and local and national business entities. Our IP team is equipped to provide detailed opinions on matters such as freedom-to-operate, validity, infringement, and other topics related to an IP portfolio. Further, our experienced attorneys have a wide range of technological knowledge in fields such as pharmaceutics, electronics, engineering, medical technology, chemistry, physics, computers, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and others.