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Pandemic Pause: Intellectual Property Strategies During a Unique Business Environment

May 14, 2020

Most Utahans will admit that the COVID-19 pandemic caught businesses by surprise. I was no different, and first learned that the illness was in my own community while sitting next to tourists on a ski lift at Park City Mountain Resort. The next day, that ski resort was closed for the season, and so was much of Summit County. Since that time, I’ve seen Park City empty of visitors and resemble a bust-era mining town.

But while Utah’s economy is restrained, we don’t have to be idle. Businesses can still plan for how to get back to business when the Governor says go, and now is as good of time as any to start thinking about how to deploy a company’s intellectual property when the lockdown is lifted.

For a company that has focused its investments on trademarks and trade dress, now is an opportunity to reassess how those assets can be better utilized in the company’s post-lockdown marketing. Trademarks and trade dress assets both serve to help consumers identify a company as a source of the products they sell, and both can greatly increase the value of a company’s goodwill. But despite being valued the same way and serving the same purpose, they should be promoted differently in a company’s post-lockdown marketing strategy.

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Danny R. Barber

Eric L. Maschoff