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Maschoff Brennan Sponsors Thin Air Innovation Festival

March 20, 2018

Maschoff Brennan is proud to be a supporter of the 2018 Thin Air Innovation Festival. The firm will be actively involved with the entirety of the festival, slated for April 5 to 7. Maschoff Brennan will help kick-off Thin Air with an opening night after party at Park City Live.

Don’t miss out on a presentation by Shareholders L. Rex Sears and C.J. Veverka called “So you want to be the only one? How San Diego took over ‘Comic Con.’” They’ll dive into the San Diego Comic Con v. Salt Lake Comic Con litigation battle to see how one company is taking over a service category by staking out rights in the name. Depending on which side you’re on, this is either a how-to guide for your brand or a cautionary tale of things to guard against.

If you’re interested in attending, contact Andrew Adams at for special Maschoff Brennan pricing.

L. Rex Sears Ph.D.

C.J. Veverka